[nsp] CISCO-AAA-SESSION-MIB returns inconsistent values

spinnaker spinnaker spinnaker_nsp at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 31 06:26:08 EST 2003

Hi all,

I have troubles using CISCO-AAA-SESSION-MIB
"cansActiveTableEntries" in IOS 12.2(15)B returning
wrong values in a Cisco 7206VXR terminating
PPPoA/PPPoe sessions over a PA-A3-E3 ATM adapter to
get the total active session on this Broadband

I get inconsisten values much higher that real
connections!. For example now I get 1203 session
active but if check with "sh caller summary" I read
only 679 active session (PPPoA + PPPoE).

The strange part is that if I check "sh aaa sessions"
i get a lot of blank/ghost sessions, example:

Session Id: 963988 <- It'OK
   Unique Id: 962770
   User Name: username
   IP Address: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX 
   Idle Time: 0
   CT Call Handle: 0

Session Id: 983701 <- What'is this?????
   Unique Id: 982445
   User Name:       <- BLANK GHOST USER?
   IP Address:
   Idle Time: 0
   CT Call Handle: 0

This let me think that mib values are right but what
are the other sessions?

PS maybe the mib are counting also other sessions that
are not PPPoX (ex TTY)???

Some one can help me??


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