[nsp] Frame relay over DS3 config confuzion

Christopher J. Wolff chris at bblabs.com
Sat Nov 1 01:43:01 EST 2003

James, thank you for this response.  One thing I'm not understanding...  the
protocol ip e.f.g.h broadcast line.  Could you please explain how that fits
into this configuration scenario?  I see this in the Cisco frame/atm
internetworking documentation but haven't run into a definition yet.   Thank
you once again.

Christopher J. Wolff, VP, CIO
Broadband Laboratories

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FWIW, we do a number of these, handing off an ATM pvc to a
xLEC to convert to FR via FRF.x. My configs look like this:

interface ATM2/0.1001 point-to-point
 description 1.544M FR circuit to Roswell
 ip address a.b.c.d
 pvc 3/33
  protocol ip e.f.g.h broadcast
  ubr 1700
  encapsulation aal5snap

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