[nsp] Frame relay over DS3 config confuzion

james hackerwacker at cybermesa.com
Sat Nov 1 03:39:09 EST 2003

Sorry, bad attempt at obscuring!

ATM side:

interface ATM2/0.1001 point-to-point
 description 1.544M FR circuit to Roswell
 ip address
 pvc 3/33
 oam-pvc manage
  protocol ip broadcast
  ubr 1700
  encapsulation aal5snap

FR side:

interface Serial0
 description T1 FRS to Albuquerque
 ip address
 encapsulation frame-relay
 frame-relay map ip 11 broadcast IETF

Check with your provider as to what to set for UBR/xBR
values. I forgot "oam-pvc manage" on last post. This will allow ATM to
send/receive OAM packets. They perform a number of "housekeeping"
functions and are useful in debugging ATM problems.

Does this problem happen in both directions ? FR router -> ATM router &
ATM router -> FR router. Does it happen with TCP, also ? I find
tcptraceroute very handy for this, you can set the packet size.
If you have a host that can sniff this conversation, this could be
quite useful. What hardware/IOS are you running & do you know
what hardware your provider is using to do the ATM -> FR translation ?
I am doing this with Qwest to their Cisco ATM switch and
it works well for us.

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