[nsp] 7507 high cpu usage, ip rib update

Jeffrey Wheat jeff at cetlink.net
Wed Nov 5 14:13:11 EST 2003

I've had a 7507 with 2 full bgp views running without
a hitch for over 27 weeks and then suddenly the router
is borking on me. I am seeing high cpu utilization, am
having "lockups" where am unable to ping through, the
interfaces show up/down and short of power cycling the
router, it remains in this state for well over 45 mins.

The router is running 12.2.13T, has a RSP4, 256M RAM.
The problem began early Monday when one of my upstreams
reset the BGP session with us. I see that the IP RIB
UPDATE process is consuming large amounts of the cpu.

Has anyone else seen anyone like this recently? It seems
very odd for this to just happen out of the blue.


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