[nsp] Throughput of 100 Mbps

Zach Wilkinson zachw at termdex.com
Thu Nov 6 17:52:09 EST 2003

If you're talking about Ethernet Linux with Quagga on a cheap PC works.  Or
a 3550 as the previous message recommends.
I've heard that a stripped 3725 has the power if you need WAN interfaces.
Don't know how cheap, though.


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what's the smallest (read: cheapest :-) router that can process 100 Mbps of

Playing with a 3620, I could only get around 40 Mbps. What next? Do I need
7200? What about the 2600 XM, which I know very little about?...


PS: the machine in question would not need to do anything such as filtering,
or huge routing tables. Just a handful of (static?) routes.


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