[nsp] bad baud rate?

Aaron Lynch a.list at ninewire.com
Thu Nov 6 18:58:47 EST 2003

Hi All,
I bought a used cisco 1900 (WS-C1900C)
This switch has a 9 pin console port rather than the RJ45 I'm used to on
m other cisco's.
I'm trying to use hyperterminal on xp to configure this switch, Using a
rollover cable and two of the 'terminal' adapters I can at least get a
response from the swith. That is if I hit return, the switch responds
with "ATQ0H0"
I've tried every single baud rate, but I can not get the switch to
display anything but gobbly-gook in the terminal.
It looks to me like the communication settings were changed from default
by the prev. owner.  Is there a way to reset the terminal configuration
without having access to the switch via the terminal?
Or, am  I just using the wrong combo of cable & adapters?

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