[nsp] Cisco AS53xx and INALP - Recovery on timer expires

axelero ewc at axelero.hu
Fri Nov 7 13:00:00 EST 2003


does anybody have any experience with INALP SmartNode 1400 and Cisco

INALP --> h323proxy --> h323proxy --> Cisco as53xx

After 1-2 days, calls are dropped after 15 seconds of establishment
(it's everytime 15 seconds). From the remote Cisco gateway I get
'Recovery on timer expires' ISDN disconnect cause (0x66).

I can temporary fix this problem with restarting the INALP equipment.
Unfortunately I can't artificialy cause this problem.

Does anybody have any idea where should be the problem?

Cisco: IOS IP Plus 122-15.T5
INALP: R2.20 BUILD21224

Thank you in advance,

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