[nsp] domain-id / router ospf VRF

Oliver Boehmer (oboehmer) oboehmer at cisco.com
Mon Nov 10 05:00:09 EST 2003

> can someone confirm the ios 'domain-id' command under the 'router ospf
> <process-id> vrf <vrf-name>' command is used to configure the
> domain-identifier bgp extended community (in '
> draft-ietf-l3vpn-ospf-2547-00.txt'). 

Yes, you're right.

as of 12.0(26)S/12.3/12.2(18)S this command has been extended:

domain-id [[<ip-address>] | [Null] | [type <type-value> value <hex>]]

Syntax Description:
Null - no domain-id is associated with the process
type - one of the values 0005, 0105, 0205, 8005
value - 6 bytes hexadecimal value
secondary - secondary domain-id

by default domain-id is equal to the process id associated with the OSPF
vrf instance. 0005 is used as a domain-id type.

Usage Guidelines:
Domain-id is an 8 byte identifier that idetifies OSPF domain of the
prefix. When OSPF route is
redistributed to BGP VPNv4 route in the MPLS VPN context, Domain-id
extended community is attached to the BGP update. Domain-id is used on
the egress PE, when BGP VPNv4 route is redistributed to OSPF to decide
what type of LSA to generate as a result of the redistribution of the
BGP VPNv4 route.


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