[nsp] Cat6500's and PCMCIA flash cards

Tony Mucker tony at tonymucker.com
Mon Nov 10 09:43:45 EST 2003

I currently have three types of flash devices lying around the office:

Viking Components 24MB Linear Flashcard (PCMCIA form factor)
Some no name brand 64MB, the sticker says AN6 (PCMCIA form factor)
Crucial 16MB and 32MB compact flash (with a PCMCIA adapter)

I'll be visiting my 6509's in the next couple of days at the data
center, and wanted to get a better idea on what will and will not work.

A /sbin/cardctl ident reports the following for each of these (under

Viking Components:  Reports as anonymous memory, unknown size.

No name:  Reports as Unity Digital CF Flash, ATA DISK drive.  Loads
right up and assigns it to /dev/hde

Crucial CF:  Reports as Micron MTCF, also is assigned as a fixed disk
under /dev/hde

Which one of these should I be expecting to work in the 6509's
(sup2/msfc2)?  I have seen the Cisco branded ones online, and really
don't wanna go shell out that much unless I really have to.

It should also be noted that my Crucial CF cards are currently being
used in my Cat4k's here in the office and work perfectly.  But if I have
to buy more, they're cheap enough (the CF to PCMCIA adapter cost more,


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