[nsp] is it me or is uRPF on 3550emi broken?

Haesu haesu at towardex.com
Mon Nov 10 13:36:56 EST 2003

Hey all,

I've enabled 'ip verify unicast source reachable-via rx|any' or simply, uRPF on
a 3550 emi switch. This is on a VLAN interface...

After I did that, i typed 'sh ip int vlanblahblah | in verif' to verify the uRPF
operation, and i can already see the packets being dropped that are supposed to
be spoofed according to the sh ip int counters.

But... it's funny how when i actually spoof my source IP and ping someone, it 
actually gets past the 3550's uRPF filter? What am I doing wrong, or is uRPF on
3550 one of those broken things that Cisco put that on CLI anyway?

Thanks for da help!

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