[nsp] is it me or is uRPF on 3550emi broken?

Terry Baranski tbaranski at mail.com
Mon Nov 10 21:21:50 EST 2003

> What am I doing wrong, or is uRPF on 3550 one of those broken 
> things that Cisco put that on CLI anyway?

This appears to be the case based on 1) other posts here and elsewhere,
2) no indication of uRPF support (that I can find, anyway) in the 3550's
documentation, and 3) the "ip verify" command being listed on the 3550's
"Unsupported CLI Commands for Release 12.1(x)EA1" page.

I vaguely recall something about an open bug on this issue being
mentioned somewhere.  But as it seems more like an unsupported feature
rather than a bug, it may just be an enhancement bug rather than a "this
is broken, please fix it ASAP" bug.


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