[nsp] Any plans for unicast RPF on Catalyst 4000/SupIII?

Matti Saarinen mjs at cc.tut.fi
Tue Nov 11 02:44:45 EST 2003

Does anyone know will unicast RPF (ip verify unicast reverse-path) be
supported on SupIII on Catalyst 4000? I checked the release notes and
the feature isn't in 12.1(20)EW or in any earlier version. It may be
it isn't documented and there are some hidden features but at least I
haven't found them. The box supports PIM so it must be able to do
unicast RPF verifications.

Or if there are some reasons for which the uRPF can't be supported on
SupIII I would like to know. 


- Matti -

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