[nsp] Any plans for unicast RPF on Catalyst 4000/SupIII?

Thomas Kernen thomas at kernen.net
Tue Nov 11 02:49:52 EST 2003

You want to use port-security with IP Source guard and/or Dynamic Arp
Inspection. It's the equiv to uRPF but basically with better granularity

I'm running it in a Metro E network and it's doing a fine job for us.


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Subject: [nsp] Any plans for unicast RPF on Catalyst 4000/SupIII?

> Does anyone know will unicast RPF (ip verify unicast reverse-path) be
> supported on SupIII on Catalyst 4000? I checked the release notes and
> the feature isn't in 12.1(20)EW or in any earlier version. It may be
> it isn't documented and there are some hidden features but at least I
> haven't found them. The box supports PIM so it must be able to do
> unicast RPF verifications.
> Or if there are some reasons for which the uRPF can't be supported on
> SupIII I would like to know.
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