[nsp] CEF problem on 6509 (native)

Steve Francis steve at expertcity.com
Tue Nov 11 11:01:26 EST 2003

I've seen it before. That one host will have a drop adjacency in the mls 
cef table. (At least in my case). A ping from the MSFC clears it. 
Sometimes. Sometimes clear arp on the msfc  clears it. Sometimes clear 
arp 4 times in rapid sucession clears it.

12.1(20)E has some CEF fixes for similar problems - I'm going to try 
that on one router tonight.


>One of our Cat6500 routers' CEF is acting strangely. The router wouldn't
>forward traffic towards x.y.z.25, but it would for x.y.z.26. CEF has an
>entry for x.y.z/24 (known by the router from BGP).
>If i put an ACL on a VLAN (in) with permit for x.y.z.25, traffic coming
>via that vlan will be routed, but only the traffic coming via that vlan.
>The temporary solution was to have a route for x.y.z.25.
>The 6509 has msfc2/sup2, and runs Version 12.1(19)E (native). I looked for
>CEF bugs using cisco's bugtool, but none match my case.
>Does anybody have a clue on how to solve this problem?

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