[nsp] GigaBit Ethernet on a 7507

Ong Beng Hui ongbh at ispworkshop.com
Tue Nov 11 20:39:50 EST 2003

Hi Ernest,

> is installing a GEIP in a 7507 the only way to make that router Gigabit
> Ethernet capable ? If yes, does anyone have experience with it (I
> presume yes) ? And if so where you encountering problems with specific
> IOS releases ?

Yes, it works. But don't expect it to push anything above 200Mbps.

> And related to that: Does the GEIP support ZX (up to 130km) GBICs ? And
> has anyone experience with ZX GBICs over a distance of 20km ? (Is an
> attentuator needed ?)

Yes, the GEIP support ZX GBIC. Depending on the optical loss,
you might and might not need Attentuator. The best is to measure

I personally don't want to guess the loss with distance. I have
seen optical loss of 26db when the distance is less than 10km.

Also, one Important thing to note is that the ZX GBIC is using
1550nm wavelength, different from LX which is 1300nm wavelength.
When you get attentuator, make sure it works on 1550nm wavelength.
Some attentuator works on 1300nm wavelength, and when you use
on 1550nm wavelength, the optical loss is different from specs.

Lastly, if you have a chance to measure it, make sure you set
your optical meter to 1550nm wavelenght. I have seen folks happily
measure the fiber loss with meter set to 1300nm wavelength.


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