[nsp] GigaBit Ethernet on a 7507

Rafi Sadowsky rafi-cnsp at meron.openu.ac.il
Wed Nov 12 07:06:46 EST 2003

## On 2003-11-11 17:32 +0100 Ernest Altbart typed:

EA> Hi,
EA> is installing a GEIP in a 7507 the only way to make that router Gigabit
EA> Ethernet capable ? If yes, does anyone have experience with it (I
EA> presume yes) ? And if so where you encountering problems with specific
EA> IOS releases ?

The GEIP+ seems to work fine and is equivalent to a VIP4/80

 I have pushed it (full-duplex both ways) to ~450Mb/sec but it drops some packets
that seems to make sense since AFAIR the VIP4/80 is rated at 750~800 Mb/sec 
(combined input+output)

 340-350 Mb/sec full duplex seems OK though 

(RSP16)7513#sh int g8/0/0 | inc _rate_|drop|clear
  Last clearing of "show interface" counters 00:13:50
  Output queue 0/40, 1 drops; input queue 0/800, 0 drops, 0 flushes
  1 minute input rate 343252000 bits/sec, 81393 packets/sec
  1 minute output rate 343875000 bits/sec, 78100 packets/sec

(RSP8)7507#sh int g4/0/0 | inc _rate_|drop|clear
  Last clearing of "show interface" counters 00:13:42
  Output queue 0/800, 0 drops; input queue 81/800, 0 drops, 5 flushes
  1 minute input rate 344310000 bits/sec, 78131 packets/sec
  1 minute output rate 343356000 bits/sec, 81458 packets/sec

(both routers are running 12.0(25)S2 with dCEF)

EA> And related to that: Does the GEIP support ZX (up to 130km) GBICs ? 
EA>  And has anyone experience with ZX GBICs over a distance of 20km?

 Yes (the above link stats are ZX GBICs over 15~20Km)
The one problem is that for some reason GigE flow control 
doesn't work on this link 
(flow control does work over a SX GBIC to a Juniper M40 though ...)

EA>  (Is an attentuator needed ?)

 Probably yes - but test your own fiber ...

EA> Ernest
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