[nsp] Aironet 1200/12.2(13)JA: IP address only configurable forBVI1?

Richard Wheeler Richard at wheelernetworkdesign.com
Fri Nov 14 07:26:52 EST 2003

I found the same problem this week and opened a TAC case.  My standard
configuration for all deployments is to create a bvi for each vlan and
put a helper address for dhcp etc on the bvi.  When I upgraded my first
1200 and 350 to the 12.2.13JA code, it broke that functionality.  TAC
spoke to the developers who said they implemented this feature to
prevent the bvi interfaces on the 1200 from directly talking to each
other at layer 3.  The TAC case number is: E747981

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I upgraded one Aironet 1200 access point to IOS 12.(13)JA. After the
upgrade, I found out that the new software didn't accept the command
"bridge <number> route ip" unless the bridge group is 1. With earlier
software versions, I was able to create a separate adminitration fe
subinterface that would be bound to specific Vlan and it would belong
to a specific bridge group the number of which would be other than
one. Has anyone else noticed this?

I can get around the problem by configuring the 802.1Q tag of the
admin fe subinterface as native. It seem that the bridge group 1 is
allowed to be bound to the native Vlan of the 802.1Q trunk but not to
any other Vlan. The problem with this workaround is that I have to use
different native Vlans on switch ports to which the APs are connected.


- Matti -
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