[nsp] Lab-question ATM/FR - oam management

Ernest Altbart Ernest.Altbart at nextranet.at
Tue Nov 18 09:04:59 EST 2003


in a Lab situation with a local Telecom company we are using atm to
frame-relay mapping on LeasedLine connections. 

When using an atm subinterface syntax like:

interface ATM1/0.207 point-to-point
 description *** Lab-connection ***
 ip address X.X.X.X
 pvc 1/102
  ubr 1536
  oam-pvc manage 0
  encapsulation aal5snap

the "oam-pvc manage 0" option is available.

In the other syntax like:

interface ATM1/0.205 point-to-point
 description * Lab Connection ***
 bandwidth 1536
 ip address X.X.X.X
 atm pvc 102 1 102 aal5snap 1689 1536 94

it is not. As we need that option so the Cisco does not send oam f5
cells I was wondering what the correct syntax would be and if anyone has
encountered any problems with it ?


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