[nsp] Unable to Run Commands/Queries on Sup1 in a 6509

Kashif.Khawaja at Broadwing.com Kashif.Khawaja at Broadwing.com
Tue Nov 18 13:07:38 EST 2003

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anybody had bumped into a similar problem with the Cat6Ks.

Starting diagnosing a problem where we couldn't make snmp queries such as:
$ snmpbulkwalk -v 2c -c lambda lab | more
Timeout: No Response from lab

While we are able to access another 6509 sitting right next to it under identical
circumstances without problems.

Delving further into it, discovered that I couldn't run most of any commands I wanted to
use for diagnosis.

It seems like I have a situation where the sup (with 2 GigE ports) is not accepting simple
commands such as the ones shown below:

lab> show mac 1/1
<<<<<<<<<Unable to access counters.>>>>>>>>>>
<<<<<<<<<Unable to access counters.>>>>>>>>>>

Mon Apr 2 2001, 04:13:31
lab>  show port 1/1
Port  Name               Status     Vlan       Duplex Speed Type
----- ------------------ ---------- ---------- ------ ----- ------------
 1/1  Test     connected  2            full  1000 1000-LX/LH

Port  Security Violation Shutdown-Time Age-Time Max-Addr Trap     IfIndex
----- -------- --------- ------------- -------- -------- -------- -------
 1/1  disabled  shutdown             0        0        1 disabled       3

Port  Num-Addr Secure-Src-Addr   Age-Left Last-Src-Addr     Shutdown/Time-Left
----- -------- ----------------- -------- ----------------- ------------------
 1/1         0                 -        -                 -        -         -

Port     Broadcast-Limit Broadcast-Drop
-------- --------------- --------------------
 1/1                   -                    -

Port   Send FlowControl    Receive FlowControl   RxPause TxPause Unsupported
       admin    oper       admin    oper                         opcodes
-----  -------- --------   -------- --------     ------- ------- -----------
 1/1   off      off        off      off          0       0       0

Port  Status     Channel              Admin Ch
                 Mode                 Group Id
----- ---------- -------------------- ----- -----
 1/1  connected  auto silent              1     0
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Unable to access counters.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

On some commands, though I know they are valid on our code and hware, I don't get any
response at all:

lab> (enable) show asicreg 1/2 pinnacle errc
Usage:  show asicreg <mod_num/port_num> <asic_id> {<reg_group>|<reg_addr>} [dump]
        (asic_id = pinnacle|coil|scorpius|hydrus|mii_phy)
        (reg_group =
lab> (enable) show asicreg 1/1 pinnacle all 
Usage:  show asicreg <mod_num/port_num> <asic_id> {<reg_group>|<reg_addr>} [dump]
        (asic_id = pinnacle|coil|scorpius|hydrus|mii_phy)
        (reg_group =

Anything else I can do, short of resetting the Sup., that might help me determine what the
issue could be?

As always, any pointers (to documents) or suggestions are well appreciated!

Thanks guys!
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