R: [nsp] Virtual-link in OSPF

Roberto Paoletti rob.paol at iol.it
Wed Nov 19 03:44:06 EST 2003


i'd like to use the virtual-link because i know that it's possibile to
partition ,for example the area 0 (backbone), in two areas and use
another area of transit , for example area 1.
I studied this example in BSCI, but now when i make it in my LAB , this
doesn't work well.
I checked the docs in Cisco's site , but i didn't find nothing of
interesting.In my config i don't use the loopback,because if i use the
interface loopback the virtual-link works well and i can ping the
different loopback with the ip address in the same network.

Today i'm trying again........

Thanks for your response

Roberto Paoletti

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On Tue, 18 Nov 2003, Roberto Paoletti wrote:

> I'd like to have the same networks in two differents sites,but this
> configuration doesn't work well,because i can't make ping the other
> interface of the same network.

Your diagram was munged pretty bad, but it would appear that a virtual
link isn't at all what you need. Its only for making an ABR out of a
router that has no area 0 links, short of the changes in routing
it doesn't create any actual network links.

If you can't provision a serial/ether link between the two networks to
bridged interfaces, you'll probably need to check out DSLW (on the off
chance you've got a MPLS infrastructure in place, could also do AToM).
Technologies link on CCO should lead you to appropriate info...

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