[nsp] Cat 2950/12.1(19)EA1: Crash with the reason TLB (store) exception

Matti Saarinen mjs at cc.tut.fi
Fri Nov 21 00:21:22 EST 2003

£ukasz Bromirski <lbromirski at mr0vka.eu.org> writes:

> What are You doing on them? 

     I wish I knew... The interesting thing is that all the switches
     having this problem are located in one building and in one wing
     in which a new set of UPSes have just been installed. Perhaps
     this isn't a software problem at all.

> I have few 2950T-24 (double 10/100/1000) with EI software suite and
> some 2950SX-24 with SI only, and they're doing fine on 12.1(19)EA1.

     I have only 2950G-48 and all of them with EI software.

> Also, is it crypto image?

     Yes, it's crypto image and I've enabled SSH2.


- Matti -

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