[nsp] Cat 2950/12.1(19)EA1: Crash with the reason TLB (store) exception

Łukasz Bromirski lbromirski at mr0vka.eu.org
Thu Nov 20 11:27:14 EST 2003

Matti Saarinen wrote:

 > I've now upgraded a few Cat2950s to the IOS version 12.1(19)EA1. Now,
 > some of them (but not all) have begun crashing. In the crashdump, I
 > can find that the reason for the crash has been TLB (store) exception.
 > I couldn't find anything relevant, neither with the bug navigator nor
 > from the release notes.

What are You doing on them? I have few 2950T-24 (double 10/100/1000)
with EI software suite and some 2950SX-24 with SI only, and they're
doing fine on 12.1(19)EA1. This release was installed about two weeks
ago, every one has two uplinks to core (with 802.1Q trunking), with most
of them having some ACLs/static VLANs defined on ports. And yes, they're
doing extensive syslogging and we gather SNMP from them every 5 minutes.

Also, is it crypto image?

Łukasz Bromirski                             lbromirski:mr0vka,eu,org

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