[nsp] Graphing packet loss

Sharan Harkisoon sharan at sharktek.net
Fri Nov 21 12:03:11 EST 2003

I made a perl script to do this, works great.



$result=`ping $ip -c 6 -s 128 -w 10`;
@result= split(/\n/,$result);
foreach $loop (@result) {
     $loop=~ /, (\d+)\%/;

print "$loss\n";
print "$loss\n";
print "$loss\n";
print "$loss\n";

####mrtg script##
Target[router]: `/etc/opt/mrtg/scripts/packetloss`
Options[router]: growright, gauge, noo, noinfo, nolegend, nopercent
Title[router]: Router Packet Loss
Unscaled[router]: dwmy
MaxBytes[router]: 100
WithPeak[router]: dwmy
YLegend[router]: Packet loss %
ShortLegend[router]: %
LegendI[router]: :&nbsp;<!>
Directory[router]: packetloss
PageTop[router]: <H1>Packet Loss: Router</H1>

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From: "Hank Nussbacher" <hank at att.net.il>
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Sent: Friday, November 21, 2003 4:33 AM
Subject: [nsp] Graphing packet loss

> We would like to graph the percentage pkt loss per line via MRTG polling
> of Cisco routers (7200s and 7500s).  I would think that
> (ifOutDisards+ifOutErrors)/ifOutUcastPkts
> (ifInDiscards+ifInErrors)/ifInUcastpkts
> should give the needed result.  But others are not sure.  We run
> policy-map shaping on some of the lines and some of the class maps rate
> limit p2p things like Kazaa and Gnutella.  That would cause an OutDiscard
> probably.  So perhaps adding in Discards is not wise?  But if an FE is
> rate limited to 45Mb/sec and the shaping is causing discards, those I
> would want to see.
> And what could cause an iFInDiscard?
> Or is there some better algorithm (specific MIBs plz) people use for
> calculating pkt loss?
> Thanks,
> -Hank
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