[nsp] Graphing packet loss

Hank Nussbacher hank at att.net.il
Fri Nov 21 04:33:59 EST 2003

We would like to graph the percentage pkt loss per line via MRTG polling
of Cisco routers (7200s and 7500s).  I would think that
should give the needed result.  But others are not sure.  We run
policy-map shaping on some of the lines and some of the class maps rate
limit p2p things like Kazaa and Gnutella.  That would cause an OutDiscard
probably.  So perhaps adding in Discards is not wise?  But if an FE is
rate limited to 45Mb/sec and the shaping is causing discards, those I
would want to see.

And what could cause an iFInDiscard?

Or is there some better algorithm (specific MIBs plz) people use for
calculating pkt loss?


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