[nsp] Back-to-Back APS configuration in Cisco 7500

ALBERTO.CITA at telefonica.net ALBERTO.CITA at telefonica.net
Fri Nov 21 04:23:05 EST 2003

Does anyone know if in a Cisco 7500 router it is possible to configure 
APS between two POS OC-3 link which connect to routers back-to-back 
(i.e.: without ADM)?:

+-----+ W   POS OC-3     +-----+
|C7513| P                |C7513|
+-----+     POS OC-3     +-----+

In case it is possible, could anybody tell me if there are any tips 
that should be taken under account when configuring this (appart from 
the obvious ones related with clocking in the back to back config), 

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards,
Alberto Cita.


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