[nsp] Cat6500 firewall service module

Simon Hamilton-Wilkes simon at jettis.com
Mon Nov 24 14:09:19 EST 2003

We have two.  I'm very pleased with them, though we've peaked at only a
couple of hundred
mbit / few thousand connections through them so far.

Only issue we had was with 1.1.2 with the redundant (same chassis) unit
restarting every 3
hours and for some reason interrupting traffic on the primary for 20 seconds
each time.
Upgrading the chassis to 12.1(20)E, and the FWSM to 1.1.3 seems to have
fixed it.  It occured
after 18 weeks uptime.


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Is anyone using or has anyone played with this modile from Cisco?  I'm
just curious what other peoples' experiences with it has been so far.


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