[nsp] BGP dmzlink-bw?

Matthew Crocker matthew at crocker.com
Tue Nov 25 14:43:32 EST 2003

I'm reading through some Cisco docks and I stumbled upon a BGP feature 
called 'BGP Link Bandwidth'  From the looks of it this is a way I can 
load balance my inbound and outbound traffic with my eBGP peers.  Does 
anyone have an idea if it works?

I have 3 peers,

  15mbps with Verio
  9mbps with Sprint
  10mbps with cent.net  (cheap bandwidth).

I want to load balance my inbound & outbound traffic between Verio & 
Sprint.  I'm pulling full routes from both.  I haven't played with 
local_pref yet. Right now the peer with the oldest BGP session wins 
most of the traffic.   I know I can play with local_prefs which is what 
I was planning on doing.  I was digging through the docs when I found 
the dmzlink-bw stuff.

I guess I can enable it and see what works...


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