[nsp] Cisco ONS 15454 CTC 3.4 provisioning problem with T1s

Chris Griffin cgriffin at ufl.edu
Thu Sep 11 09:11:04 EDT 2003

Hi Tom,
    Ask your provider if they are doing VT/STS muxing or M13 muxing.  Most
providers do M13 muxing, which just appears as a DS-3 to the 15454.  You
need VT/STS muxing to do what you want to do.  For them to do VT muxing,
they will need to come off their DACS with an STS payload, not a DS-3.  If
they are handing you a DS-3, you need to get them to change to a VT muxed
STS or you will need a second shelf with a transmux card (XM), which is
where your DS1-14 cards will go.  You will need a straight DS-3 card in your
high speed (top) shelf.  If you have enough slots, you can actually do the
tributary function in one shelf, but you have to come out of the back of the
electrical interface panel with your DS-3  and back in to the DS-3 transmux.

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> Any experience putting T1s on one of these?  We have an OC3 coming from
> ILEC.  STS-1 is supposed to be T1s (on a DS3).  STS-2 is a DS3 which is up
> and working fine.
> I have installed two DS1-14 cards for the 28 T1s.  They are wired into an
> ADC 28 pos RJ28X panel.  I am creating circuits from OC3 STS-1 to DS1
> ports.  I am getting a critical error on the OC3 whenever I do that.  It
> reads "Payload Label Mismatch - Path".  When I delete the T1 circuits, the
> critical alarm goes away.  I have also had the telco put a T1 into
> loopback.  When plugged into a T1 port on my 7206vxr, no circuit is seen.
> Am I missing something here?  Do I need a mux card (15454-DS3xm-6) to
> accomplish what I am trying?
> Many thanks,
> Tom
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