[nsp] BGP question

Kevin kevin at honeycomb.net
Fri Sep 12 01:28:06 EDT 2003

I'm still a newbie at bgp, so please bear with me.
I have two links to the internet. 
A lot of routes from both providers have equal AS paths.
If one bgp session gets reset all that traffic (the equal AS path
routes) goes out to provider2 and does'nt reset back to provider1,
providing that the bgp session to provider1 was the first one to come
up. I don't have any metrics, weights or localpref on any routes.
Is there any way to have those equal path routes default to provider1
rather than provider2 if provider1's link and bgp session are up?
Right now in order to reset those routes back to provider1 I have to do
a hard "clear ip bgp provider2" reset. 

Honeycomb Internet services 

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