[c-nsp] Suppressing OSPF

Kevin Graham mahargk at gmail.com
Sun Aug 1 15:41:15 EDT 2004

> router ospf 1
>  router-id x.x.x.x
>  log-adjacency-changes
>  redistribute connected
>  redistribute static subnets
>  redistribute rip subnets
>  passive-interface ATM3/1/0.100

(Since you original question has already been answered....)

Assuming that OSPF is coming up on the interfaces because they're
included in a router ospf network clause. If that's the case, they'll
be distributed as summary LSA's so why are you redistributing
connected? 'passive-interface default' is a good idea in the first
place, but if your intention is to distribute customer networks as
external lsa's, then making sure they're not included in a
network...area statement would implicitly keep ospf from coming up on
the interface.

Guessing that since you're already running OSPF that the RIP is there
to accomodate a customer -- if that is the case, do yourself a favor
and apply a route-map to that redistribute clause.

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