[c-nsp] Number of Switches in MST+

Nicolaj Ottsen no at webpartner.dk
Fri Aug 6 13:40:31 EDT 2004


We are about to expand our MAN, and would like design inputs and generel

Today we are running a L2 ring (SpanningTree MST+) build by 7 3550-12Gs,
all L3 is vlan'nd to 2 6500. We are expanding our ring with 7 new sites.

Does anyone have expirence with running MST+ and vtp with 14 ring
connected switches, and about 40 switches in total (Good/bad/ugly) ?

I have heard some rumors concerning support for more than 1000 Vlans on
the 3550 series, and support for upto 16000 vlans on the 6500. Can
anyone confirm this rumor ? Even better supply us with at release date

Best regards

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