[nsp] L2TP VPDN broadband aggregation - 7301 or 7401

Alexander Lucke lucke at dns-net.de
Sun Feb 1 09:24:12 EST 2004


we want to set up a new broadband aggregation POP with a core router (GSR), a
distribution switch (cat6506 w/ gigeth) and a number of broadband aggregation
routers for terminating l2tp sessions (DSL subscribers).

We will have a lot of parallel subscribers but not too much bandwidth.

I am looking for "rack space saving" aggregation routers that should offer a
"pay as you grow" solution. I am interested in the Cisco 7301 and 7401,
mainly because of the form factor (CPU or forwarding power per rack unit).

Cisco marketing tells us that the 7301 should be able to handle up to 16.000
parallel sessions vs. 8.000 for the 7401 (I know that this is marketing, not
real ;-) but Cisco sells the 7401 as THE broadband aggregation router.

Does anyone have any experiences? What is better for DSL aggregation? 7301 or
7401? How many subscribers do you handle with a 7301/7401?

Alexander Lucke

DNS:NET Internet Service GmbH, Ostseestraße 111, 10409 Berlin
Tel. 030-420278-22, Fax 030-420278-78, lucke at dns-net.de

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