[nsp] ICMP: time exceeded (reassembly)

Dmitry Volkov dmitry.volkov at rogers.com
Wed Feb 4 08:51:10 EST 2004

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> Subject: RE: [nsp] ICMP: time exceeded (reassembly)
> > Does it make any difference? As already stated, the tunnel carrier
> > packets are being fragmented, not the tunnel payload.
> With GRE, the setting of the DF bit from the payload packet is carried
> over to the tunnel packet, and as another poster pointed out, 

DF bit is not copied from original header to GRE header

> there are
> subtle differences in the handling of fragmentation between IPIP and
> GRE.  Based on all that you've said, it sounds as if there is 
> some buggy
> behavior taking place somewhere as no fragmentation should be required
> in your environment.
> Good Luck 
> Tim

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