[nsp] OSPF E2 routes

M.Palis security at cytanet.com.cy
Wed Feb 4 03:14:28 EST 2004

Hello all

 I was wondering if their is a way to filter OSPF External type 2 routes
from non ASBR routers. I can not summarized them on ASBR since the IP
addresses are not contigous (they are /32) and therefore I need to summarize
them on ABR if their is a way. I trie to do it using prefix lists as shown
belov but without any success.

Configuration on ABR router

router ospf 1
 distribute-list prefix static_ips out

ip prefix-list static_ips seq 10 deny /24 le 32
ip prefix-list static_ips seq 50 permit le 32

Any help will be appreciated

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