[nsp] BGP Dual AS feature in 12.0(27)S (fwd)

fingers fingers at fingers.co.za
Wed Feb 4 09:10:52 EST 2004

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Hi Andy

> Looking through the release notes for 12.0S, I see a new feature in 12.0(27)S:
> http://www.cisco.com/univercd/cc/td/doc/product/software/ios120/relnote/xprn120s/120snewf.htm#2222191
> While the feature name has piqued my interest, the link is broken... does anyone
> have any more information about what this feature actually is, how it works, and
> how I can go about configuring it? In the middle of planning an AS merge right
> now, and the ability to have multiple BGP processes with multiple AS numbers would
> certainly come in handy :) I tried loading this release onto a box in the lab, but
> couldn't see any obvious new BGP features that would match the description.

I'm pretty sure this is what I used (a good few months ago) when moving
off my test ASN and onto a production ASN for some IPv6 stuff.

I *think* this was what I used:

neighbor a.b.c.d local-as <other asn>



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