[nsp] VLAN Traffic shaping not working on 6500

Sam Stickland sam_ml at spacething.org
Wed Feb 4 10:07:13 EST 2004

Jack.W.Parks at alltel.com wrote:
> Does the policing/rate-limiting functions apply to all Catalyst
> products?  The 3550 is a very appealing Ethernet aggregator for remote
> sites.
>> 6500 does not do any *shaping*, it does policing/rate limiting. In
> other words, we won't
>> "smooth out a bursty flow" by buffering traffic, we basically put a
> hard cap on usage.
> Is this the case for the 3550, also?

The 3550 only supports policing. It only support egress policing if your
class-map has a 'match any' clause in it. Otherwise it will silently reject
the service-policy output command IIRC.

It's lack of shaping isn't so much of a problem for us since must customers
don't come near the limits they want set - it's just so that they can ensure
that if their traffic patterns rise very suddenly they don't get stuck with
a bill they can't afford to pay.


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