[nsp] Limit Number of DHCP Addresses per VC?

Claydon, Tom Tom.Claydon at DobsonTelco.net
Wed Feb 4 12:40:44 EST 2004

Question for the list:

Cisco introduced a command in 12.3T to limit DHCP leases on ATM unnumbered
interfaces (ip dhcp limit lease per interface). This feature works fine on
our 7206VXR, but my problem is that this is a global command. The Redback we
were using before had us spoiled by allowing us to specify max DHCP leases
per ATM VC! We would like to put other ATM VC's on this router that have
different DHCP lease requirements.

Is there any way of limiting DHCP leases per VC? Cisco TAC said they didn't
have a non-global version of the ip dhcp limit lease per interface command.

Our DHCP server is running dhcpd 2.0p15, BTW.

= TC
Tom Claydon, IT/ATM Network Engineer
Dobson Telephone Company
phone: (405) 391-8201  cell: (405) 834-0341

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