[nsp] Vlans across a t1.

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If you're saying that VLAN 1 on one side is the same IP subnet as VLAN1
on the other side, you could try bridging.  I think your two bridging
choices are back to back frame relay, using 3 PVCs; or 3 tunnel
interfaces.  At one time though I didn't think Cisco supported briding
into a tunnel interface.  The other may work, and give you the advantage
of all the frame relay traffic shaping features.  

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Hi all.

I have two routers separated by a t1 that I'd like to pipe a couple of
vlans across and I'm not sure how to do it. Anybody have suggestions?

--Vlan1-\                       /-Vlan1
--Vlan2----2620 -- T1 -- 7513 ----Vlan2
--vlan3-/                       \-Vlan3

I found some notes about MPLS over Multilink ppp, but the learning curve
is kind of steep.  Any help is very appreciated.


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