[nsp] Dynamically changing virtual-access interface configuration

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I'm most familiar with vaccess interfaces when using ppp multilink/virtual profiles for dial, but, the behavior should be the same as your situation. Since they're cloned from a vtemplate when your user connects, you cannot configure them directly; this has always been the case afaik. 

Doing a 'clear interface virtual-access 16' should bounce that user, and the ppp renegotiation is fairly quick; I doubt they'd even notice. 


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We have a couple of 7301s terminating PPPoE sessions. We are using RADIUS
to apply per-user rate limit sessions on each virtual-interface.

interface Virtual-Access9
 ip unnumbered Loopback0
 rate-limit input 256000 16000 16000 conform-action transmit exceed-action
 rate-limit output 256000 16000 16000 conform-action transmit
exceed-action drop
 no logging event link-status

The question is, is there a way at all to change the rate-limit for
individual virtual-access interfaces without having to disconnect the
users to apply another RADIUS profile.

We are currently using Version 12.3(5). The older 12.2 version we were
testing on a 7200 used to allow manual changing of virtual-access
interface configurations just like any other interfaces. However, this
seems to have been disabled in 12.3.

#int virtual-access 16
% Please use virtual template to configure your virtual access

This is what I see every time this is attempted. Is there a way around
this? Since which version was this feature disabled?


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