[nsp] Small, simple IP routing, two gigabit ethernet switch/router

Konstantin Barinov sbr at infonet.ee
Mon Feb 9 12:06:52 EST 2004

I think cat3550 is the best. Less than $2K on e-bay.

Konstantin Barinov

Monday, February 9, 2004, 6:31:10 PM, you wrote:

BC> I have the need for a small, two port, gigabit ethernet switch that can
BC> do simple routing between interfaces and can be polled by SNMP for
BC> interface stats.  I'm cool with static routing only.  Suggestions?  I've
BC> looked at the Cisco 3550-series, kind of overkill.

BC> Cost is a big factor, traffic handling (i.e. capability to REALLY push
BC> 1g) isn't as much of an issue.

BC> Swappable GBICs that can push traffic a variable distance based on the
BC> GBIC chosen is a big plus.

BC> -Bob

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