[nsp] OT: Laurel Networks

Rubens Kuhl Jr. rubens at email.com
Tue Feb 10 08:01:04 EST 2004

>Has anyone out there got any experience with Laruel Networks' ST200 Service
Edge Router (broadband aggregation router)?

This list being cisco-nsp it's kinda off-topic, may be NANOG would be a
better place to start... may be you have fear of the sales droids that lurk
around there ? :-)

>We are currently in the process of choosing a broadband aggregation
platform for our PPPoA subscribers (to progressively replace our by now
>7206VXRs) and Laurel's ST200 claims to support as many as 100K simultaneous
PPP subscribers with services enabled, and, best of all (?) at a very
>competitive price (when comparing it with other alternatives)....

No experience with Laurel, but I think you should also consider Juniper ERX.
As far as price goes, it seems to carry the same per user price tag of other
alternatives, and it has an architeture that can actually deliver the
services and performance it claims. If it can really deliver it, that's a
matter of software that went untested because the whole project I was
working on at the time has been dropped.


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