[nsp] CAT 3750 EMI

Boyan Krosnov Boyan at industria.com
Tue Feb 10 17:56:20 EST 2004

> If anybody has good/bad experiences with cat3750 with EMI 
> software, please write me!
I'm happily running one of these for ~6 months (or is it more already?)
as a router and switch in a small ISP. As with all hardware layer 3
forwarding boxes (3x50, 4500, 6500, 12k, PXF, others?) you need to know
the limitations of the hardware+firmware+IOS complex before trying to
use the device for whatever purpose.

Notable 3750 limitations:
low number of routes/arp entries/mac addresses/ACEs/etc supported
no Netflow, no NAT (bah), no CBAC or anything as complex
no fancy queuing, only what is implemented in hardware
no acl counters
no VLAN interface counters
low ICMP error generation perfomance

When you know the limitations, all these (strange at first) "layer 3 in
hardware" boxes will serve you well. 
Much cheaper than a feature-full hardware router and much faster than a
software router. No stability issues so far.


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