[nsp] CAT 3750 EMI

Brad Bonin brad at cisco.com
Wed Feb 11 07:31:37 EST 2004

Another unique difference in the 3750 is the egress queue capabilities.
Each intf provides 4 queues, one of which can be configured as a
priority queue.  The other 3 can be configured to shape (sets a
guaranteed and a max) or share (sets a min, can burst to available bw).
Finally, you can port limit to a specified rate.  This allows you to
rate limit by traffic type and then apply an aggregate to the port.


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At layer 3?

We have plenty of problems on the optical interfaces and TAC has not 
been able to explain why. Strangely enough, the MORE features we turn 
on, the better they are. The more caching we turn off, the better things


We think its a software maturity issue mostly.


Rod Oliver wrote:

> Can you please describe your experiences that lead you to this? My 
> colleague was unable to get a 3750 (don;'t know what software) to get 
> significant packet drops using a Smartbits and lots of GEs.
> Rod
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>>I would stay away from them if you want to do anything at close to 
>>wire speed based on our current experience.
>>szilard.matyas at enternet.hu wrote:
>>>Hi all,
>>>If anybody has good/bad experiences with cat3750 with EMI
>>software, please write me!
>>>Thanks Everybody's response in advance!
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