[nsp] Per-user service-policy without MLP?

Dennis Peng dpeng at cisco.com
Wed Feb 11 15:34:05 EST 2004

We currently don't support shaping and queuing on the vaccess
interface of a LNS. Policing and marking is supported though. Is that
sufficient? The error message is a little misleading too since queuing
with MLP is only supported on a physical interface.


Chris Roberts [croberts at bongle.co.uk] wrote:
> I'm trying to implement per-user service-policies for QoS on an LNS. When
> attempting to attach the service policy, it complains about this:
> Class Based Weighted Fair Queueing will be applied only to the
> Virtual-Access interfaces associated with an MLP bundle.
> Understandably multilink with LFI improves the performance of the Priority
> Queue, but is there no way I can apply a service-policy with a priority
> queue to a Virtual-Access interface without using MLP? The Cisco site seems
> to be vague on this, or rather seems to indicate it can be done.
> Code is 12.2(15)T5 on 7206VXR.
> Cheers,
> Chris.
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