[nsp] Per-user service-policy without MLP?

Chris Roberts croberts at bongle.co.uk
Thu Feb 12 04:27:24 EST 2004

> We currently don't support shaping and queuing on the vaccess
> interface of a LNS. Policing and marking is supported though. Is that
> sufficient? The error message is a little misleading too since queuing
> with MLP is only supported on a physical interface.

That makes sense, but what I can't understand is how this fits with what I'm
seeing on the router? You seem to support queuing on MLP Vaccess interfaces,
but not on non-MLP Vaccess interfaces?
Non-MLP interface:
tr0.sabir#sh users | inc roger
  Vi106        roger... at vpn.easy PPPoVPDN     00:00:02
tr0.sabir#sh run int vi106
interface Virtual-Access106
 ip vrf forwarding ...
 ip address

(Should have a 'service-policy output'. 'debug aaa per-user' shows the
router failing to apply the service-policy)
MLP Vaccess interface:
tr0.bllon#sh users | inc steve
  Vi46         steve... at vpn.easy PPPoVPDN     00:00:09
  Vi197        steve... at vpn.easy MLP Bundle   00:00:09
tr0.bllon#sh run int vi46

interface Virtual-Access197
 ip vrf forwarding ...
 ip address
 service-policy output PE-1-OUT
tr0.bllon#sh policy-map interface virtual-access 197

  Service-policy output: PE-MIA-1-OUT
 <all of my queues>

(has a 'service-policy', 'debug aaa per-user' shows it applying fine)


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