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Not really. All 6500 sups as well as the 3550 support IGMP snooping in hardware. It is enabled by default. CGMP is not required (nor are the "switch" side functions even implemented), unless you have legacy boxes that don't do IGMP snooping, in which case you need the CGMP "router" side functions enabled, ie, "ip cgmp" under your VLAN/L3 interface(s).

I see you are planning to do disk imaging, this is presumably with "norton ghost" or a similiar app. Please do be careful of issues with multicast traffic with TTL=1 hitting your 6500s or other downstream routers, this will cause high CPU. Latest versions of Ghost have a knob to tweak the TTL of the imaging data packets, I recommend finding & tweaking that knob.


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>You will need to enabled CGMP, if not multicast = broadcast :-)
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>Hi, we have a cat6509 at the core of our network and a boatload of 3550s
>on the spokes.  We are working on some disk imaging and need to enable
>multicasting acrossed the network.  Looks like I need to enable igmp on
>the 6509?  Anything need to be done on the 3550s?  Sorry, pretty much a
>cisco novice here.  Anything I need to look out for?
>Thanks in advance!
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