[nsp] 12.2(20)S1 for the 7304-G100

Andrew Fort afort at choqolat.org
Fri Feb 13 03:02:20 EST 2004

* Leah Lynch <leah.lynch at verizon.net> [2004-02-12 10:05:15 -0800]:

> Is anyone out there successfully running 12.2(20)S1 SP W/SSH 3DES for the 7304-G100? Or, is anyone aware of any big issues in that release? 

fraid not, but i'm interested to know how you guys go with it :)

I'd like to move past 12.2(18)S, hopefully the .1q subinterface mib2 counter bug is fixed (input counter incremements very very slowly on .1q interfaces on the internal Gi{0,1,2} ports), and well, 12.2(18)S2 just don't work on the NPE-G100 :) (eh hem).


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