[nsp] 12.2(20)S1 for the 7304-G100

Mark Prior mrp at mrp.net
Sun Feb 29 06:47:12 EST 2004

Leah Lynch wrote:

> Is anyone out there successfully running 12.2(20)S1 SP W/SSH 3DES for
> the 7304-G100? Or, is anyone aware of any big issues in that release?

Tried it but had to back out to 12.2(20)S as it decided there were 
errors on one port of the dual OC12 SONET card and then shut the whole 
card down. Didn't impress me at all and as it didn't fix the problem I 
was hoping it would it was a quick decision to dump it.

The CRC error that drops the SSH session when you are connected to it is 
getting on my nerves though.


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