[nsp] Dial-Backup for PPPoE-Dialer?

Chris Roberts croberts at bongle.co.uk
Fri Feb 13 10:21:16 EST 2004

In terms of portability, using SAA to track a specific IP address and
therefore bring up the ISDN if that IP address is down seems just as
unportable as dialer-watch tracking a specific IP address. Surely the most
portable way is to use a /30 on the connection in the first place and track
the /32 peer neighbor-route, otherwise you end up changing SAA instead of
the dialer-watch feature on every router. Obviously you trade IP space
wastage for portability, but this might be alright in some circumstances
(MPLS VPN for example).

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> Bug ID: CSCds88143 (which has no public description/is Cisco
> confidential) has been around for some time AFAICT and was due to be
> fixed/implemented in 12.3T.

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