[nsp] Routing between VRF VPNs?

Michael Lyngbøl michael at lyngbol.dk
Sat Feb 14 03:16:15 EST 2004

On 13.02.2004 13:24:50 +0000, Steve Francis wrote:
> Is it possible to statically route from one VRF into another VRF on the 
> same router?

You can import and export VRF routes anyway you would like
(via import/export route-targets or route-maps).

If you would like a static route in VRF VPN-A to be routed via a
non-VPN-A interface it's possible:

interface Serial3/0:0
 ip vrf forwarding VPN-A
 ip address

interface Serial3/1:0
 ip vrf forwarding VPN-B
 ip address

ip route vrf VPN-A Serial3/1:0


Michael Lyngbøl -- michael at lyngbol dot dk
Network Architect, AS3292 TDC, IP·backbone

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